Thursday, March 29, 2007

sordid and insane as he is, I would prefer another leadership term from Tony than a term from Cameron

Johann gives it the business.

I hate David Cameron. I want to see him collecting my bin bags or sweeping the streets. Or counselling delinquents. Or providing contraception to children. Or providing career advice to junkies. We'd soon see how good he is at dealing with real life issues.

This cock-weasel thinks otherwise. I gave him what-for (see comments).


The Tory-cuddler I address above has done me the fine honour of becoming my first commentator on this blog.

- (round of applause)

Thankyou CPR, I am flattered by your attention and look forward to your response to my latest comments on Cameron, The Cock-Weasel King.

Additional 2:

Cameron quotes of note #1:

"I think more young people should be forced to become volunteers."

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  1. You made one point of substance (that Hari's belief that inequality is the most important domestic issue was supported by argument), one argument that there is no capacity to reduce the role of the state and then congratulated yourself for your ignorance of British politics in the 80s. I'm not sure I rate your 'what for' very highly.

    Oddly though, you did it all without insults, unlike here.


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