Tuesday, March 27, 2007

growing up is often an alarming experience

Some chap called Charlie Brooker has written a wonderful piece on CiF which rings true in my heart. Does everyone suffer a similar epiphany at some stage in their lives? Mine came at a yuonger age than Charlie's (I would say at 13 or so) but it was equally distressing and disturbing.

More relevantly, he also explains how opaque he finds modern news reports and comments that surely he is not the only one. This is very pertinent to what I consider to be one of modern UK society's major failings- the disengagement of the electorate with current events. It seems to me that few people my age take the time to even catch a news bulletin, let alone read a quality newspaper or read up on current affairs on the interweb. Political stories are limited to "who MP shagged" or "Tony Blair is a cock-weasel" (errrrrrm ?!?!). Foreign affairs are "another three hundred people died today in (insert troubled country's name)". There is no suggestion of a solution to these events- just the reporting of their occurrence without any suggestion that anything is being done to correct them.

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