Thursday, November 29, 2007

George Monbiot on 3 million homes

I was so moved by this article that I was driven to email George with my thoughts on the subject.

. . . . . . . . . . . . Shit. I was going to post what I wrote but I've lost it.


Basically I gave him the misanthropic treatment with lashings of "if people haven't got room to house children then they shouldn't have them, if they do its child abuse". I really can't see that 3 million new homes will be used to house all the people of the country currently living in substandard accomodation. More like they will be used to house a token thousand families on social support and the rest sold at enormous profit to single, young professionals. Don't even get me started about the inevitability of the gross profiteering that will ensue as soon as this is put out to tender, like some bloated PFI cash cow dripping city bonuses from its udders . . . . . oh hang on- I said "like some bloated cash cow. . ." What I meant was "like the bloated, PFI cash cow that it is".

Yeah, that's right.

Fuck knows what the tories are going to do when they get in at the next election. Propose building on Hampstead Heath and Victoria Park because that's where the commoners hang out and they don't matter in politics?

this is fucking appalling

I'm not saying that schools should go out of their way to teach about the holocaust but . . . . . . wait a minute! That's exactly what I'm saying! How the fuck can you educate children about the importance of human values without teaching them the history of classic examples of such values being cast aside? I can't believe that this multicultural cockpus is actually being considered. I would like to say that I am going to write to my MP but that never achieved shit so what can I do but state again my intention to abandon this plutocratic, fuckpit, shitstorm of a pseudo-democracy as soon as I can and take up residence in morally and culturally superior nation where my significant taxes will fund progressive and humanist policies (exactly where that is has yet to be determined, obviously). Not this postmodern phallus-palace of extremist-coddling, holocaust-denying, apostate-murdering, arranged-marriage-endorsing, capitalist fundamentalist, authoritarian bastards.

Johann Hari interviews Ayaan Hirsi Ali

This is cool and is wonderful kick to the knackers of multiculturalism and those Western liberals who gush perpetual torrents of gooey awe over "people of other faiths" and "ancient cultures". Its incredibly disconcerting that she has now been embraced by US wingnuts and is mouthing their vacuous racisms, Johann does well to separate these newly espoused beliefs from Ayaan's previousl humanist position. I recommend his links at the end to articles on the absurdity of the demographic invasion argument.

As this well drafted piece reveals, however, Islam is not the only of the Abrahamic religions to specifically endorse misogyny.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

UK nuclear consultancy

The Lazy Environmentalist blogged about this and has several excellent points to make. I also tried to take part in the consultancy, being similarly concerned that this bullshit technology was being pushed on us without reason (surprise, surprise!). The consultancy was an opportunity to make a serious contribution to government policy. However, I started filling in boxes on the website with well-crafted and researched arguments and got as far as the 3rd page before I ran out of time to research and write my response. My point is that it shouldn't be up tot he public to do the research on these matters. If the government's research can't be trusted (which it can't because they're cockweasel's; Q.E.D.) then an independent reviewer should have been assigned to the task, as Sir Nicholas Stern was for the economic impact of climate change.

This is all superfluous to the fact that renewable generation programs, both wind and solar, have been demonstrated to be vastly cheaper alternatives.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

This is even more awesome!

On a more serious but equally entertaining note (and also via the rossinisbird blog, which I am currently enjoying), comes this little gem. Its a science teacher giving his spin on the climate change debate.

When I rule the world (sooon, very sooooooon) I will have this translated into every language on the planet and make everyone watch this at least five times a day.

This is awesome!

Check this out. Make sure the volume is up. And your mother/boss isn't in the room.

Monday, November 26, 2007

from New Humanist

HAHAAHAHAHahahahaaaaa . . . .

Another great piece from a contributor to the magazine examines the upcoming visit to London of Hebrew University's VP of external relations, and former head of Israel's torture service, Shin Bet.

Order of The Science Scouts of Exemplary Repute and Above Average Physique

By the grace of all that is good about science I have achieved the following prestigious achievements in Science Scouting:

the plural of mongoose . . . . . .

is mongeese

"The mongoose emits a high pitched noise, commonly known as giggling, when it mates. The giggling is also a form of courtship when this animal is choosing a mate"

BTW- I'm posting drunk again . . . . . . . . . oh dear.

the . . . . . . .

truth is apparently a flexible concept. I mentioned it before and was captivated by its genius. I returned to it today, however, to be met with a change of list. I stated that I was previously excluded from membership of those who can be considered one with the truth due to the 7th item on the list that prohibited quests for world domination. I have emailed the feckers to demand an apology.

Michael Meacher rocks again

I pointed this out fairly recently but I'm going to draw attention to it again as he has excelled himself.

Ben Verwaayen is a corporate cockweasel

Check out the comments, particularly the first one from IShouldApologise. Verwaayen gets such a well-deserved mauling for his corporate greenwash that it warms my heart. I gave him some too.


US anti ballistic missile system

As it is not only completely useless but also political anathema there is little surprise that the government took the decision to allow the US to use the RAF base at Menwith Hill as a monitoring station for its Ground Based Midcourse Defence System almost completely outside of any public forum.

no comment required

See what I mean?

It came from this page.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Like we didn't already know that renewable generation is completely cost effective

Some monkeys have done some sums and come up with a price to replace Europe's current electricity supply entirely with wind generation at a cost of £40 billion, plus the cost of a few thousand turbines. The plan can be made reality in 3-5 years, presenting an incredible opportunity to do something cost-effective and practical about the looming threat of climate change.

The UK government- the elite of climate change denialists- have, of course, declined to participate despite the increasingly unequivocal nature of the problem. This means that the government are actually acting against our interests, invalidating the reason for their existence. Do the public know this? Probably not. Too busy watching Ugly Betty or East Enders. Fuckers.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

microwave converts plastic back into oil

This is so cool. It reminds me of a piece of background in sci-fi stories where future generations mine landfill sites for our generation's waste which is, by then, a valuable source of raw materials.

peak oil and Gordon Brown's dereliction of his duty to secure energy supplies

David Strahan has a CiF piece on the government's abject failure to plan for peak oil.

"Tony Blair wrote in last year's energy review that it was a principal duty of government to secure energy supply. He was right. Gordon Brown must now abandon the reliance on IEA forecasts, institute a truly independent assessment of global oil depletion and launch a massive programme of mitigation. Anything less would be dereliction.

But of course he won't. Even more than climate change, peak oil demands that governments confront voters with uncomfortable truths that will affect living standards. In Whitehall, legs will remain crossed and buttocks clenched as politicians and officials pray to God that it doesn't happen in their term of office, or before they draw their inflation-linked pension."

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Polly Toynbee is somewhat naive if she thinks Brown is going to pull this one off

She really ought to wake up and smell the coal-fired power stations. I suggest she reads another article in the same newspaper that reveals the fallacy of relying on this government to make things better when all the evidence points to us moving in quite the opposite direction.

academics and muslims denied US visas without explanation

Not that I give a fuck about superstitious ignorants but academics- that's a very different matter! A wonderful example of how exceptionalist the US can be, in contradiction of its own Congress. McCarthyism is alive and well in 2007, it seems.

listen to Uncle George, everyone

Why isn't George Monbiot Prime Minister, that's what I want to know? His even hand is a model that Gordon Brown and his entire cabinet should be locked in a room without food and water and made to study; they should only be released when they can each provide written rationales of at least 10,000 words for at least four of the following topics:

  • NOT using military force against Iran
  • withdrawal of our military from Iraq and introduction of the McGovern program
  • dropping all support for ID cards
  • prohibiting faith schools
  • taxing aviation fuel
  • unreservedly endorsing the EU Bill of Rights
  • prohibiting road construction or expansion
  • renationalising the railways
  • enforcing the ban on exporting military material and torture equipment
  • implementing subsidies for renewable generation and investing heavily in its research and development
  • scrapping Trident and its planned replacement
  • implementing the single transferable vote
  • criminalising corporate sociopathy
  • nationalising all PFI deals and prohibiting their further implementation
Again, I could add more but you get the picture.

Ruth Kelly is a fucking idiot and should be sectioned

Her argument for a 3rd runway at Heathrow?

"If we don't build it then someone on the continent will and so air traffic will continue to increase."

Right. OK. So if I go out in the street and break into a car and crash it into a crowd of school children, killing and maiming them, I can stand up in court and say "If I hadn't done it, some other idiot would have." And I will get let off, will I?

This is such an obviously flawed argument that I am consumed by an overwhelming desire to beat my head against a brick wall until I lose consciousness. It is so desperately depressing to see an elected representative mouthing such gross fallacies in the national press. The Guardian didn't even mention the obvious flaw in this argument, revealing that institution to be as gutless and pathetic at confronting threats to public wellbeing as any other corporate media entity.

I really, really fucking hate Ruth Kelly.

"The British Government - the environmental equivalent of crack dealers."


A CiF piece a few days later had more on the 3rd runway issue.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

a slacker's manifesto

Molly Scott Cato is part of the team writing a green economics blog call Gaian Economics. She's an anti-capitalist who thinks the modern concept of "work", i.e gainful employment, is a con and unnecessary. I agree with her in principle but I get a nasty tingle in my nose and my eyes get all red and puffy from my hippy-allergy whenever I'm reading her work. Eg:

"It is an affront that our ability to raise happy children and to guarantee them the basic necessities of clean air to breathe and water to drink is being undermined by an economic system that is dominated by organisations and structures who pay little attention to the human consequences of their actions. The fact that many of these organisations are dominated by men explains the attempt in gaian economics, in contrast to environmental economics, to balance up the gender scales. This not only means encouraging contributions from women, but also allowing the style to move away from the hard-edged, objective and scientific discourse that men, and especially male academics, tend to favour. Emotion, subjectivity and intuition are valued within green economics."

See what I mean? Anyone who says that emotion, subjectivity and intuition are valued when it comes to fundamental discourses concerning the human condition is way out there with the postmodernist fuckwits rubbing arrowroot extract on their arses and practising feng-shui. Detached objectivity allows concepts to be clearly and concisely defined and conveyed between parties whether you are having a conversation in the pub or composing the text of a policy document which may be studied for its meaning for centuries to come. Abandon that clarity and precision and you end up with woolly, semi-mystical bullshit open to interpretation by whatever fanatic is currently convinced that they alone hold the insight necessary to perceive the True Meaning of the holy text. Emotion didn't get us Linux or concentrating solar power. No. Fucking hard-headed intelligent, rational, scientific motherfuckers did that- NOT chakras or meditation, homeopathy or veganism or any of your other spiritual cockpus.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

fuck off fatties

A CiF post caught my eye and then made me laugh my arse off.

"Fat person cries because people think she's ugly".

I wonder if they expected some sort of outwelling of understanding and sympathy . . . . HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAhHahaHAhahahHAHAhAHaaaaaaaaa . . . . . . fuck off to krispy kreme and drown your wobbly sorrows in another gallon of chocolate sauce you offence to the eyes!

The funniest thing I thought was that the author hadn't submitted a photo of herself to be published alongside her article. It is also significant that the author seems to specifically feel that "not all overweight people want to conform to the notion that thin is beautiful". Well, not all normal people feel that way either, you fat fuck! I don't think thin is beautiful. I hate stick insects who hobble around in clippy-cloppy shoes with designer handbags, lunching on a leaf of lettuce and swigging their bastard-fuckwit-arseblind-twatmonger skinny-lattes. My feeling is that, like the wobblers, such people have excluded themselves from a vast array of life-affirming experiences for no other reason than their bastardised aesthetics. They do not find the toned, healthy human form acceptable- for whatever reason. I consider this to be an inverse prejudice: Being normal is not acceptable for stick insects and wobblers- they are better than normal. They have some insight into life which us normally framed persons do not which allows them to perceive the evil nature of the standard human outline.

I could go on, but I think you get the message.

Brown's climate rhetoric sounds good but his governments other policies lay his lies bare

His words ring true, he calls for the UK to embrace climate change remediating technology. However his government also states- and supports the fact- that there are “£20 billion of new coal-fired power stations planned to be built in the UK before 2020″, advocates a 3rd runway at heathrow, refuses to develop any sort of modern public transport system and is planning the most costly road-building program this country has seen for several decades. It also refuses to acknowledge the fact that the fuel for our nation's transport system is already increasing in price dramatically, will soon be prohibitively expensive, supplies may even dwindle and starve our network and they have no plans in place to change to another energy source.

Face it, Brown is full of shit.

Monday, November 19, 2007

baseline data on output from renewable sources

This was distributed on the UK Green Party email list and looks to be an excellent source of information for anyone planning a renewable generation installation.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Gordon says non-UK domiciles shouldn't sit in the Lords

This is actually quite cool. I wrote about the cockweasel, Ashcroft, previously. I bet Brown chickens out because he too is a dirty, plutocratic cockweasel.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

UK pulls funding for 2nd degree courses

Before this happened, 2nd degree courses were funded in the same way as your 1st, making retraining and career direction changes straightforward. Now its going to be virtually impossible. A sweet little sociopathic own-goal from Brown. Nice one, Gordo! What's he going to do next? Cut disability benefits for anyone with a 2nd disability?

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

nasty numbers

Coming to a pseduo-democracy near you!

Be afraid! Be very, very fucking afraid!

Michael Meacher rocks!

His CiF article is spot on. Just what you'd expect from someone who was sacked from Tony Blair's government for refusing to suck corporate cock.

Brown builds pressure on Iran

In a clear attempt to demonstrate he is even more of a poodle than Tony Blair ever was, Brown declared his intention today to push for further unwarranted sanctions against Iran. In a move likely to generate even greater anti-Western feeling in the Middle East he completely ignored Israel's illegal nuclear arsenal, the US's breach or unilateral withdrawal from several non-proliferation treaties and the UK's own breach of the NNPT and condemned Iran's fictional weapons program.

"When we are dealing with nuclear proliferation, this needs to be taken seriously." said the Prime Minister. Whether we should take Egypt's, Pakistan's India's or, indeed, anyone else's nuclear programs seriously he didn't feel at liberty to say.

Monday, November 12, 2007

the red queen of corporate tax avoidance

The New Statesman seems confused as to the cause of falling corporate tax revenues. I think I know the answer. Corporation's taxes depend on how much they can squeeze past the inland revenue. Doing this takes either political clout- "if you tax me I will take my business elsewhere"- or a deep knowledge of the loopholes. Both of these are heavily dependent upon money in the first place- if you can't afford top notch accountants you don't get access to the loopholes, if you don't have the fiscal mass to become a moral blackhole, perventing any measly little government from extracting money from the dpeths of your bank accounts' gravity well, then you are similarly vulnerable to legitimate taxation. Governments tie up loopholes periodically in response to voter pressure or financial squeezes themselves. However, as with PR, the big businesses have all the resources on their side whereas the government is working on a budget. We can illustrate this with the metaphor of the Red Queen, running constantly to stay in the same place. The ground rushing beneath her feet is the progress being made by the corporation's mega-dollars on opening loopholes, increasing fiscal mass and generally dodging the government's bullets.

There's another good piece of economic analysis there too.

talking about overpopulation misses the point

Juliette Jowitt seems to, although she does make allusions toward the real problem. I should clarify that there are two distinct focuses for this argument with two distinct outcomes. Firstly, there is the UK: Over-motherfucking-populated! Then there is the rest of the world in general which isn't really that overpopulated. We're probably above the long-term carrying capacity of the planet or close to it but its a temporary peak that I hope won't last more than a century.

The real problem are all those fat fucks in the US and Australia with carbon footprints that are twice ours. Them and all the multi-squillionaires jetting all over the world to their "weekenders" in their private cunt-jets. And, of course, the exploding industrialisation of China and India with dirty, coal-fuelled power stations. I've linked to an article on overpopulation by one of the founders of ZNet before but I'm obviously going to have to again because Juliette isn't getting the message.

squeal, bitches! yeah!

Oil pigs are squealing in pain.

Their cries are music to my ears.

Friday, November 09, 2007

the house of wool and straw

. . . well, the frame was made of Douglas Fir too but the walls are of the above materials. I thought this was an awesome piece of work. Would you rather live in a Wimpey home, or something like this? They cost the same but the Wimpey home kills your children's future.

The choice is yours.

Green Party leadership vote

This poll makes interesting reading. Of course, the majority is voting in accoradnce with yours truly. My world dominance spreads forth!!

BUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAhaHahHAAHAHAHAhahahahahAHahHHahaahaaaa. a.a. . . . ..

nearly 900 views!

Its pathetic, I know. But I do actually pay attention to the little counter in the bottom left of the page. Not much attention- I have no illusions about my writing style being in any way "popular" or "accessible". But then these pages are far more for my benefit than any of you ugly fuckers! Consider yourselves lucky to have access to my wisdom and insight! When I rule the world I will make these pages compulsory education for all children over the age of 10.

Grateful, they should be.

When it hits 1000 I will make sure I have some powerful drugs on hand to celebrate. That's really not much out of the ordinary but hey!


US uses threats to pressure EU nations to reduce investment in Iran

In an unsurprising piece of geopolitical maneouvering the Bush administration is threatening EU-based firms with loss of US business if they continue to invest in Iran. I often wonder how these maniacs try to justify such strong-arm tactics to themselves but I've simply given up: They just don't seem to consider other nations as having any sort of rights at all. They certainly don't intend to deal with Iran's numerous humanitarian abuses themselves, they have simplied branded the entire regime and its subjects, including Christians, Jews, Muslims, atheists, Sikhs and probably Moonies too "evil". Their justification for this? Well, its obvious- the Iranians want a nuclear bomb (no evidence), to use against "us". Who "us" is is not at all clear. Certainly it includes the tortuing, murdering, ethnic cleansing apartheid regime of Israel. It probably includes the tortuing, murdering, ethnic cleansing regime of good old Sunni Saudi Arabia too (viewed by the Shia government of Iran as US vassals and heretics). However, at the same time as these morons are entering apoplectic fits of rage at the prospect of a nuclear-armed Iran they are doling out nuclear technology to nations such as India, which almost went to war against its similarly nuclear-armed neighbour, Pakistan a few eyars ago. Pakistan itself is a dictatorship, currently under martial law and undergoing internal strife over the prospect of democratic elections. Pakistan is also thought to be sheltering the remnants of Al Qaeda's bigwigs in its lawless and ungovernable Western provinces. The Pakistani regime is firmly propped up by US military support and aid but are they on the receiving end of international sanctions for their nuclear program? No, they are not.


Thursday, November 08, 2007

the 80% challenge

This looks very, very cool.

I haven't read it yet as I am working (yeah, really hard!) but I will update when I have done so.



I still haven't read it but the preamble refers to a sister report which looks just as cool, as does the IPPR study associated with it.

Green Party leadership debate

There's a party-wide vote currently happening in the GP about whether or not we need a single leader or whether the party should continue with its policy of having a 10 person executive and two "principle speakers"- one male and one female. Very egalitarian and PC, I here you say, but so fucking what?

Well, I'm of the opinion that this policy- unique amongst UK political parties- damages GP credibility by making us appear to be unguided and lacking leadership- whether or not this is the case (I think its probably not). To me, political pragmatism dictates that people will refuse to vote for a party that they can't connect with and the dumbing down of UK politics has reached a level where such a progressive position alienates the elctorate. And ultimately a political party can't afford to do that- least of all a party with the only manifesto that I believe can preserve our way of life in the face of the enormous threats bearing down on us as a result of our gross excesses.

A comment from some guy on the GP facebook page reads:

"I find it staggering that you find party members who will say straight out that they're not that bothered about winning elections. True - there are more important thing in life, but our raison d'etre is to be the green movement's electoral wing - not its philosophical debating society."

This is particularly well put.

I did, however, encounter a yet superior diatribe on the subject, courtesy of "spiggynodules" on a CiF article by Derek Wall, GP male Principle Speaker and advocate of the status quo. It will quickly become apparent why I favour this version ;~)

"- For God's sake, you stupid hippy!

The Green Party scored like 8%, 12%, 16% of the vote in one Euro Election, a million years ago.
- And ever since then, you're like dead, dude!

How can "green issues" be getting bigger and nastier every single year, and you suckers have more or less completely disappeared?

"You" don't need a leader?

The planet needs you to have a bloody leader, and a great one! You need a Churchill... and the planet needs you to have a Churchill.

But you're still antsy-farty about one "ego" (maaaan) spoiling the overall veggie-pacifist, laid back, non-male, impeccably girly, superbly "surrendered" image of the party.

"It's not like there's any sense of urgency here, is it?"
- Chucking Smell!
It's the biggest issue, on the planet, now or ever. And you dweebs don't want to be "too assertive".

Look, chummy, if being useless is all you wanna do, then do us all a favour and get out of politics; stop splitting the anti-Tory vote while being nothing!"

a clash of cultures

Alan Dershowitz is whinging like the little bitch that he is after he got the CiF treatment in response to his outright threats against the Oxford Union. The comments are a tirade of informed rebuttals of his absurd position.

I love it.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

books I want - "Capitalism as if the World Matters"

By Jonathan Porritt- one of the architects of the Green Party (back then it was called the Ecology Party).

This is an updated edition with more material in it. I like the premise- capitalism is a suitable system but its abuse is threatening our environment's integrity and our health and wellbeing.

aspartame gives you cancer

I was in the supermarket with a friend (Tesco- work of raw evil, Grrrrrrrrr) when she tried to put a bottle of "diet" ginger beer in the trolly. This prompted a rant from me about aspartame and how it causes cancer and we then put it back and got a non-"diet" bottle. Which also had aspartame in it!

I was flummoxed and bamboozled! Why put aspartame in such a product? Is it to keep the calorie count down? Is aspartame actually cheaper than corn syrup now due to the growing demand for biofuels?

As a matter of intrigue I chased down a few papers on the subject and was appalled to discover this. If you skip to the conclusion you find this passage:

"Our study shows that APM is a multi-potential carcinogenic compound whose carcinogenic effects are evident even at a daily dose of 20 mg/kg bw, much less than the current ADI for humans in Europe (40 mg/kg bw) and in the United States (50 mg/kg bw)."

APM = aspartame
ADI = Average Daily Intake

Be afraid, motherfuckers!

warmly depressing

This story warms the heart and simultaneously fills it with regret at the system that will surely move to crush such a bastion of resistance. My comments hurt me to write but the truth of the matter flowed out of me without any prompting.

Rudy Giuliani is a cock-weasel

The latest character I have chosen to brand in this way is good 'ole lock-'em-up-and-throw-away-the-key Rudy. He's a dirty little cristo-fascist toerag straight out of the Bush mold. An example, if you will:

"The man lies with staggering impunity. But here's the thing: he does it with such conviction and such seeming authority that people who are not inclined to study the matter will believe him - will in fact be utterly convinced that Giuliani is speaking the gospel truth, and they will prove almost impossible to shake from this conviction."

this is so wrong and yet not the least unexpected

DEFRA is proposing slashing Natural England's conservation budget by at least 15%. Proposed cuts include (typically) £700,000 of scientific research. That's 7 research assistants, two postdocs or 3 PhDs.

Other areas to be trimmed include money for improving SSSIs- already in a shit state (eg. Plymouth Sound- one of the most toxic pieces of coastline in the Westcountry), national nature reserves and areas of outstanding natural beauty. One of the budget aspects I haven't got a problem with being trimmed at all is a hefty £2 million on improving access to the countryside for ethnic minorities!

I beg your fuckwit pardon? Do minorities currently face significant obstructions in their attempts to get to the Cotswolds? Is the Lake District patrolled by neo-nazi thugs on the look-out for Bangladeshis desperately seeking to hike up Catbells?? What is this fucking arse-biscuit, politically-correct, wankstain of a policy?

One other area of their budget that needs money spent on it is their website- the Pink Palace of Poop.

many UK MPs are essentially highly paid lobbyists

From George's archives.

waterboarding is very definitely torture

Majikthise linked to a report by a bunch of US combat veterans and general trained killers discussing- and profoundly rejecting- the Bush administration's assertion that waterboarding is not torture. It is an exemplary piece of moral philosophising and not a little heart warming to hear such eminent voices advocating such human principles.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Power Trip - a film by Paul Devlin

This was just on BBC4 and it was fucking awesome! A factual background to the story is available here as a PDF.

Patrick Cockburn on Basra

He relates how the British armed forces have abjectly failed in their attempts to wrest control of Basra from the militias after the invasion. Its a pretty pathetic tale, the text of which should be tattooed onto Tony Blair's eyeballs so that he can't avoid its grim reality as long as his eyes are open. A luminescent ink would eliminate even that respite . . . . .

General J C Christian: "Sure the Church's hierarchy may be a bunch of self-hating hypocrites, but at least we've stopped doing altar boys."

Dude, this guy just kills me.

how to write a powerful polemic, with Robert Fisk and George Monbiot

Two further articles of note today. Firstly Robert Fisk's review of the film "Rendition" together with assorted background details of the true story the plot was derived from. Secondly, we have George's nice little roasting of Western government's embrace of the biofuel greenwash.

Tax Justice Network

I heard about these guys from a Guardian article. I like the cut of their jib.

Monday, November 05, 2007

faith schools pushing up stealth selection practices

The government seem to think that the reason faith schools get better results is because of their religious ethos. Actually its just because the selection criteria on the basis of religion gives them ample reason to reject less able pupils just as grammar schools used to do.


Polly Toynbee also thinks faith schools suck ass.

The Misanthropic Principles: Principle Number 4

Everyone has a price. Even scientists.


In fact, especially scientists. Because we get paid fuck all.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

environmentalism is synonymous with a strong economy

This was referenced indirectly in Sharon Beder's book Global Spin that I'm reading at the moment. Corporate cock-weasels take note! Your arguments that environmentalist policies are bad for the economy are flawed and not supported by evidence!

Timothy Garton-Ash is a cock-weasel

His piece on CiF is complete bullshit. I gave him a verbal kicking, along with about three hundred other CiF users. BUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHHAHHAHhahaHAHAHahahhahaaaaa . . . . . . .


AC Grayling's CiF piece, on the other hand, totally rocks!!

Brendan O'Neill, however, is as much of a twat as ever. Honestly! This guy is one of the most backward fuckwits of a commentator I've ever had the displeasure of reading.