Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Liberty, freedom of speech, freedom of expression. The loss of all three.

I was reading through the CiF today and came across an article by the excellent George Monbiot about the manipulation of harassment law by corporations to obstruct legitimate protest by the public. After reading this article I decided to pursue further this theme of newly spawned obstacles to our freedom thrown up by Lord Blair of Kut al-Amara and his sociopathic Tory predecessors (who lacked even the excuse of the absurd "war on terror" to justify their tyrranical reign). Predictably I find no shortage of bile directed at the Cock-Weasel-In-Chief and others, indeed there seems to be so much of it that I am surprised the little turd has not been rightfully lynched by a mob of irate human rights campaigners (sigh). (Before you humanists navigate away from this page in disgust at my oxymoronic turn of phrase it was intended to be so- and not a serious comment).

nyway, here are some more for your delectation, particularly the first.






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