Saturday, November 28, 2009

number ones


Danny Chivers from A Daisy Through Concrete has tagged me with one of them there newfangled interweb meme things. It was started by The Chief Badger in response to one of Danny's own posts where he observed that Google searches for "ranting performance poetry video climate change bespectacled freak" would inevitably produce links to his work. Merrick then challenged a number of bloggers to present amusing Google search strings which would provide links to their blogs in the number one spot with particular merit to be awarded to those with sexually explicit elements, as such material is so very prevalent on the interwebs.

Now, as innovative profanity and sweary, political rants are very much the meat-and-veg of punkscience, I am somewhat proud to present the following Google (UK) searches which produce links to here in the top spot:

climate change denying goat cock
the uk government is shit
Mandelson donkey dicks
David Cameron pseudo green bullshit
Hazel Blears fraudulent cunt

I'm particularly proud that Googling 'Sir David King delusional nuclear cunt fetish' also puts PS at the top of the podium.

To extend the meme I will offer tags to Muhamad, Tampon Teabag, Rossinisbird and- with delicious anticipation- pigdogfucker.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

massive donkey dicks in Mandleson's ear


Interweb freedom in the UK is facing the direst threat in its short history. That threat is called Peter Mandelson. Faced with the prospect of almost certain disempowerment in the coming election, this disgusting little gobshite is making sure he has friends in high (rich) places by selling out our digital liberty to the big entertainment companies by adding last-minute amendments to the already insanely tyrannical digital economy bill that will empower any future Secretary of State with the ability to enact legislation without debate or scrutiny. These new powers and those already set out are detailed by Cory Doctorow in the first and third links, respectively. Certain consequences of this legislation are described in the second link by Charles Arthur of The Guardian. May I suggest that you follow the links on BoingBoing to add your name to a petition to be sent to the High Cockweasel. Please also consider writing to your MP to implore them to support Early Day Motion 1997, introduced by Tom Watson MP, which explicitly condemns plans to disconnect internet users convicted of file sharing or other illegal activity.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

decarbonising the global transport system


This guy is a bit if a cock but, paradoxically, awesome at the same time.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Anton Vowl is awesome


Read his work. Read it and contemplate who you can vote for to best protect the diversity of media content available in this country.

surreal science moment


I just happened upon a friend of mine carrying a tray of my sperm across campus. We found it rather amusing.

Here they are, BTW:

The sex chromosome in each nucleus has been FISH stained. Red means its a girl and greens are boys.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Baronness Buscombe is a knobjill


She proposes having bloggers regulated by the world's most useless self-regulatory body: The Press Complaints Commission. Read the letter of objection penned by Unity over at Liberal Conspiracy. And sign it.

I commented and signed. The support from bloggers across the intellectual and political spectrum is impressive.

Footnote: The term "knobjill" is a compounding of the colloquial term for a phallus and the term for a female weasel. Hence, 'a phallus of a female weasel'.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

peak oil


"Wyn Evans, who runs a mixed farm of 170 acres, has been trying to reduce his dependency on fossil fuels since 1977. He has installed an anaerobic digester, a wind turbine, solar panels and a ground-sourced heat pump. He has sought wherever possible to replace diesel with his own electricity. Instead of using his tractor to spread slurry, he pumps it from the digester on to nearby fields. He's replaced his tractor-driven irrigation system with an electric one, and set up a new system for drying hay indoors, which means he has to turn it in the field only once. Whatever else he does is likely to produce smaller savings. But these innovations have reduced his use of diesel by only around 25%."
We are all fucked.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

US funding the same insurgents they are fighting


Surely they're not that unbelievably stupid and sociopathic, you say? Sadly not. FF to 12:24:

Monday, November 09, 2009

the art of satire


". . . if Melanie [Phillips]' crack-smoking, wackadoodle opinions were puppies, they would divide their days between sitting in their own faeces and repetitively banging their heads on walls. If her opinions were cars, they would explode like oversized petrol bombs when you turned the key in the ignition; if they were made of chocolate, they would be made of 100% Stupid As Fuck cocoa beans."

Snigger, chortle, chuckle.

peak oil gets anonymous endoresment from "senior IEA officials"


"If the real [oil reserve] figures were to come out there would be panic on the stock markets … in the end that would suit no one."

As George has pointed out, its about time someone started asking searching questions of the UK government as to their plans to cope with this rapidly approaching phenomenon. At the moment the answer is "fuck all".

global opinion strongly against free-market capitalism


"In the global poll for the BBC World Service, only 11% of those questioned across 27 countries said that it was working well. . . . . . Almost a quarter - 23% of those who responded - feel it is fatally flawed."

Sunday, November 08, 2009

information & communication


Read this. Its a fascinating little polemic. I'm downloading the torrent of the film as I type, which- also interestingly- was released under a Creative Commons licence.

Its kind of related to this previous, information-related rant.

Addition 15-11-09:

The film is pretty cool. Its basically an endorsement of direct democracy, which I wholly support. It reminds me of the sci-fi system created by Alastair Reynolds for his Revelation Space Universe where the inhabitants of The Glitter Band, a community of thousands of habitats orbiting a planet, all participate in direct democracy via a real-time communication network wired into their peripheral consciousness. Although real-time applications wired into our consciousness are probably a few generations away there is nothing to prevent a more straightforward system being accessible via the House of Commons website. We could all have electoral identities allowing us to register votes on issues passing through the House, preventing our elected morons from misrepesenting us.

show me an honest banker . . .


Will Hutton, former flag-bearer of capitalism, has changed his tune somewhat. I like it.

Sorry for the lack of any depth or originality in my recent posting. Life is pretty hectic at the moment for several reasons so I haven't the time to do any of these issues even the modestly profane justice I sporadically dish out.