Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Children are a sexually transmitted disease

As usual it takes the absurdity of Uncyclopedia to establish the underlying truth of the matter.

I hate children. Every one is a symptom of the disease of humanity. Spreading forward without reasonable consideration for the consequences of yet another individual for the planet to support. A new human being brought forth with little contemplation of the need for responsibility implicit within the creation of a new life of your own. A product of the ignorance of modern society, as much as any other ill. A target for marketeers to exploit; an income for the illiterate and sociopathic troglodytes living below the poverty line; a generation to be repressed, neglected and legislated against by the greying voters.

I hate them. I intend to adopt. There are too many people on this planet already.

I particularly hate Catholics and Muslims for being wantonly natalist.

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