Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Generation Gap - part 2 . . .or is it part 1 . . . ?

Another couple of interesting articles today in The Independent about the financial generation gap produced by the baby-boomer's legacy and majority vote in the UK due to the aging population. I thought I'd posted something about this after reading this article in The New Statesman but maybe I was drunk. Actually I think that's me on the comments page so maybe I wrote my thoughts there. Yes, for sure its me. Check the angry tone.

Incidentally the most recent post references a speech by some Tory MP called David Willetts. Its- and I bite my tongue as I type this . . . . . . . . quite . . . . . . . good . . . .. . ..

I need a shower now. Gods! Praising Tories, what next? A measured endorsement of rape camps as a means of propagating ethnicity? Ugh!

Here's a quote:

"The difficulty of buying a house and creating a nest means that family formation is delayed. This in turn means that people have children later, and they will have fewer children. It is no accident that the British birth rate fell successively every year from 1997 to 2003 as house prices rose and so did the average age of the first-time buyer."

I am supportive of antinatal policies as I believe there are too many people in the UK and that the remainder will benefit greatly from such a decrease. Excluding immigration this is currently the situation as our birth rate is far below replacement, hence the greying population. The problem is that Labour aren't managing an overall decrease. They are managing a net increase due to immigration. I am an outright supporter of a humanist asylum policy but there is no way that the UK is improved as a country by replacing its already diverse natives with immigrants. Having said that I come across natives every day who I would happily replace with Polish plumbers, Indian students or Czech taxi-drivers. But they are not the people that are being replaced- the feral benefit-fiends, Sun readers and Gala Bingo patrons are the ones who aren't going anywhere except the pub on the corner to complain about the funny foreign types who have moved in next door. It is my social group who are giving up on Blighty as a worthy prospect and looking abroad for a place to call home.

Fuck Brown and triple fuck Blair.

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