Saturday, March 31, 2012

Green Party results in Bradford West


I want to briefly record a comment about the Bradford West by-election result. I am utterly nonplussed about George Galloway's "Bradford Spring" (a description which instantly earns him a nomination for this week's Most Arrogant Prick On The Planet). What I am concerned about is the region's Green voting history:

Source: Wikipedia

What has the Green Party been doing in this constituency to have fallen to its lowest number of votes and share of the vote in its history? When the coalition government is vacillating between crudely transparent demagogy and outright sadism and the official party of opposition is indisputably obsessed with outcompeting them in either field, why didn't the Green Party of the United Kingdom and Wales put any apparent effort into upping their profile and share of the vote in what seemed to have been a wide-open race?