Thursday, March 29, 2007

The End of Oil

Someone seems to have missed this book, that I read- and was captivated by- two years ago. (The subject matter is lifted straight from it). Everyone ought to read it, irrelevant of whether they will be alive in 15 years or not. You owe this to you friends and family, to do your utmost to relieve the pressure upon our civilisations only reliable source of energy so that our resources might possibly be eaked out for long enough for us to develop an alternative. The key point here is that, in all current prognosies, we will run out of energy before we can develop an alternative, be it fuel cells, nuclear fusion, clean coal or whatever. We will either end up in a mad-max scenario of steam-powered vehicles fueled with coal and/or drowned by runaway climate change or wind up as slaves to the Wahhabist's control of the oil fields.

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