Thursday, March 29, 2007

Sky Pixie bashing

This term was introduced to me by a Jesus-cuddling article on CiF.

Batz wrote: "My flabber is well and truly gasted. Sky Pixie believer in "I believe in underground Pixie" shocker!"

(I wish they wouldn't let the Jesus cuddlers on there- for fuck's sake, when will a UK newspaper have the spuds to stop giving platforms to gods-botherers for the sake of "balance". Its like giving )

I got a few cheap shots in before moving on to the article that is the real subject of this polemic and an accompanying podcast from my preferred Vishnu-basher of choice, AC Grayling. Subsequently I encountered his new book for the princely sum of £5.26 from Amazon. I might buy it.

I was subsequently drawn to the "my most recent views" panel on Amazon and was reminded of Prof Steve Jones' latest epistle, entitled: "Coral: A pessimist in Paradise". Which looks to be a very, very good book too. I hate it when I find loads and loads of really good books I want to read. I really must join the library.

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