Friday, March 23, 2007

BBC claims Iranian elements engineer much of the violence against UK forces in Basra

I read this BBC report and decided to post the following to their comments team:

"I was interested to read your report on the Royal Navy personnel taken prisoner by the Iranians. I was particularly caught by this statement:

"It also follows claims that much of the violence against UK forces in Basra is being engineered by Iranian elements, which Tehran denies."

I am following the process of aggression against Iran with great interest and would therefore be very grateful if you could direct me further information on these claims and particularly to the evidence suggesting that this is the case. I am sure you are aware that such a claim is incendiary at this surrent time and I would hate for the BBC to be seen to be spreading rumours about the Iranian's role in Iraq. I was particularly surprised not to see any sort of disclaimer regarding the disparity between the intentions of these "Iranian elements" and the intentions of the Iranian government. I feel that your statement would be better balanced by the inclusion of such clarification.

Sincerely, "

Surely such a major development in Iraq would have warranted more detailed coverage than a single line in a related story. Unless its all bullshit, that is.

I am concerned and confused. I consider the BBC to be above disseminating propaganda. There is enough of this bollocks out there without the Beeb playing along. Such material needs to be better researched and balanced if it is to avoid becoming "popular knowledge". The lethal power of such material has been amply demonstrated by the loss of hundreds of thousands of innocent lives in Iraq.

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