Saturday, January 12, 2008

main hope for safe nuclear fuel disposal fails test of time

I have been looking for this for months now as its particularly pertinent to the current climate. I read it when it was published but forgot where I read it and have only just come across it again. Anyway, vitrification as a technique for immobilising nuclear waste for the hundreds of thousands of years necessary for its radiation to fade to safe levels is actually more likely to release its lethal radioactive burden after a mere millennium and a half.

Addition: Sellafield clean up will cost tax payer £34 billion!!!!

In another cheery bit of news from nukesville we have the revelation today that the British Nuclear Group, a subsidiary of BNFL, stands to contribute only ~£8 billion to the clean up operation that will cost a total of ~£42 billion. Why a public listed company should be allowed to simply hand its liabilities over to the government without being held to account eludes me. Apparently BNFL is desperately trying to shed the group to avoid this liability falling back onto them. No-one seems to have factored in any long-term costs for storing the several tonnes of high-level plutonium which the site currently holds and seeing as the proposed solution for safely disposing of this material has just gone down the pan I really do struggle to comprehend why this government is proposing that more of this material should be produced.


  1. We in the UK have had the technology and the means to have had 100% of our energy needs from renewable energy for many years but it was NOT in the interests of the rich few (nuclear industry,etc etc etc)to make it so. The lies that have been told by governments past and present are never ending. Remember Tony Benn when he was energy minister and gave us nuclear power after having the wool pulled over his eyes? by the corrupt, criminal and lying nuclear industry.

    "10th November 2007"

    "Cash-for-access row as former Labour minister Ian McCartney entertains nuclear boss in Commons"...

    "15 November 2007"

    "Two former Labour ministers are under fire over their links with the nuclear industry"

    "Former trade minister Ian McCartney has been appointed as an £115,000 a year adviser to US engineering giant Fluor"...

    "23 May 2007"

    "Labour and the nuclear lobby"...

    "26 November, 2002"

    "Ian McCartney: Blair's backstage fixer"...

  2. "Yet no inquiry was held into the death of Willie McRae. Instead, there was a whispering campaign suggesting that "McRae was everything from an alcoholic, to a homosexual, to a man in deep financial trouble."

    "Good enough reasons why he might be troubled, why he might have killed himself, but absolutely without any substance"...

  3. Great links, dude. There's some really damning material in there. I really appreciate it, thank you.

  4. Anytime dude.Just let me

  5. Ahahahahaaa. Anonymity is truly a double-edged sword. On the one hand, kudos. On the other, to whom?

    Might I suggest an appropriate display name? I think "LinkFerret" would be funny.


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