Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Björn Lomborg is a climate change denying cunt

I will make a good job of criticising his bullshit position when I have the time. But briefly for now:

  • 2 degree target is a global figure, varying greatly with latitude- eg. changes at the poles might be >10 degrees whilst at the equator virtually nothing. This is still a massive threat eg. sea level rises. The 'peer reviewed' source he quotes is a fucking ECONOMICS JOURNAL- not a science journal!
  • 25-40% figure is actually an underestimate- not an overestimate- see George Monbiot for more detail
  • the $84trillion figure is laughable seeing as I've made a point of emphasising that combatting cilmate change can be economically beneficial.
  • Also, the twat appears not to have heard of that little thing called The Stern Review

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