Monday, January 21, 2008

John Gray, political philosopher, is a cockweasel

This is a pleasantly comprehensive rebuttal of a cockweasel's character assassination attempt on the green movement in general.


  1. First King and now this loon Gray. It must be open season on greens.

    WTF the is 'political philosopher' anway?

  2. I know! That moron gray is such a pleb, trying to make out that green philosophy is NOT about reducing humanity's impact upon the planet.

    My concern is that its really not at all surprising when you stand back and look at the motley collection of tree-huggers, radical lefties, eco-warriors, progressives and humanists that are accumulating on the left. Derek Wall's piracy rant is a good example of how the mountain of good green work being done can be undone in a flash by one mindless mouthful of pseudo-ethics. Not that I'm defending the jap's whaling in specific but just that if you're going to attack them then for the gods' sake do it in a rational and lucid manner- not froth and foam at the mouth at the plight of a couple of terrorists who were throwing glass bottles of caustic liquid at the crew of the whaler some time before they actually made their boarding attempt.

    The Brent Spar- now THAT was a model piece of activism.


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