Wednesday, January 02, 2008

the conceit of Labour politicians

Simon Jenkins delivers a serious tongue-lashing to the idiots in Westminster who presume to lecture others on democracy. I hope Gordon Brown reads this. He'll need therapy afterwards.

Another CiF post details why Labour is wholly responsible for the obscene rail fair rises and the delays resulting from unfinished maintenance work. Christian Wolmar rules. The links in his article are enlightening. As someone in the comments has observed, why are we paying billionaires our tax money to cream off as profits? (Addition: More British rail service bashing on CiF here.)

We are also graced with another article by Prem Sikka asking why our financial system is so open to abuse by the very people who are meant to be regulated by it.

Finally George Monbiot's latest missive on CiF is a study of arrogance and contrived evil as he analyses the position of one Lord Guthrie and Sir Kevin Tebbit, who both feel the UK was wholly entitled to commit what the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg declared to be "the supreme international crime".

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