Saturday, January 12, 2008

Sir David King is a climate-change denying cunt


More, word.

No, really- he is a complete climate change denying cunt!


I've re-read this post a couple of time and I'm afraid its lacking substance. I've spent a lot of time slamming the nuclear fetish of certain sections of society (eg. those who will profit hugely from it). So, I thought I should embellish it with some supporting evidence to advance my position that Sir David King is an engorged phallus.

There's ample material out there from people like George Monbiot and other realists, such as this effort from Oliver Burkeman trashing King's delusional position. The most damning indictement of King's position is the simple fact that he has overseen the apocalyptic reopening of Britain's coal mines and sanctified a new generation of coal fired power stations.

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  1. Sir david madehis global reputtion with the risk assessment that climate change was a greater threat than terrorism.

    Unfortunately he was not the original author and has not followed scientific etiquette or methodology and cited me as the original author.

    It was for a United Nations Environment and Development UK report, who I believe Sir David is a member, commissioned by the UK Government.

    This is the original.

    Probably why he is always vague when interviewed on how he came about the assessment.

    Anyway he has made a lot of money out of his global reputation from my work


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