Thursday, January 31, 2008

"this device cannot start - code 10"

This message is haunting my waking moments and is starting to intrude upon my dreams. Its an error message I get from my internal wireless card on my VAIO laptop and I simply cannot find a way around it. Apparently its the result of a software conflict involving something called IRQs. Basically, despite reinstalling Windows XP to service pack 2 twice and updating everything I could find on the laptop- including Sony's own updates, it still refuses to work. I just get an exclamation mark in device manager and the message in the title. The annoying thing is that it was working perfectly when I got the laptop just after christmas but I so loathe XP's endless request confirmations, security warnings and other fluffy crap that I decided to immediately revert to my old favourite- Windows 2000. There's drivers for W2K for my laptop on Sony's support site so I thought I couldn't lose! Little did I suspect what was in store. After installing all the drivers under W2K half the devices didn't work including the jog dial, power panel, hot keys and the wireless. I tried a few fiddles but there was no obvious reasons why. Reluctantly I got the recovery discs and started to reinstall XP, swearing softly as I did so.

Now, two weeks- and a lot of wasted time later- I have resorted to posting requests for help on PC forums! Oh, the ignominy! Allow me to explain my shame: I am what I like to term "computer literate". I.E. I can make windows sing and dance if I can be arsed. I flaunt this knowledge in illiterate's faces and sneer at the time it takes them to find files on their desktops or locate information on the web. I'm no programmer or hacker or any other uber-geek. I just know how to get stuff done with the minmum of fuss on a PC and I'm generally capable of tinkering around inside the guts (soft- or hardware) of one without wrecking it. Hence my frustration and embarassment at being thwarted by my dream PC!

I love my little laptop dearly- playing with it is actually better than beer!

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