Thursday, January 17, 2008

fuck the police


They've got a shit job to do but omnipotent attitudes like this don't do their public image any favours whatsoever. I was always struck, whilst growing up, by the hatred that some of my peers displayed for the police, usually those kids from the uglier bits of town. I couldn't understand why as I had no contact with the police and to me they seemed to be a good idea in case someone decided to run off with my bike. These days I see it a little differently. The last people I'd turn to if someone stole my bike would be the police. "Well, sir, we'll log the details and contact you if anything turns up."

'If anything turns up'? You're not going to actually do jack about this are you? Why not just admit that you're powerless in the face of petty crime due to a lack of cooperation from the public and a lack of staff on your part. And who have you got to blame for that?

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