Friday, January 18, 2008

Derek Wall, GP Principal Speaker (male), is a twat

Ruscombe Green posted this about Derek Wall demanding the release of the two Sea Shepherd animal rights extremists who boarded a whaling vessel in the Southern Ocean the other day. He is completely wrong. He is a moron, all the more so for speaking on behalf of the Green Party. I am ashamed that the political party I so frequently voice my support of is being so stupid as to voice support for a bunch of pirates and whale-cuddlers. Get this: Derek Wall called the Whalers- whose ship had been illegally boarded by the whale cuddlers- "pirates". Lets just run over that again in case there's any room for misinterpretation. Illegally boarding a whaling ship is not piracy, rightly detaining two marauding animal rights extremists who have boarded your vessel in international waters is piracy.


In case anyone's confused about my green credentials and my scorn for whale-huggers, remember that I am a marine biologist and covered the scientific and moral aspectsof whaling during my honours degree.

Intelligent things to ask an extremist whale-cuddler:

  • What evidence is there to suggest that killing whales is any less ethical than killing cows?
  • Apart from those populations which are endangered, why should more populous species not be hunted for food by nations with a heritage of whaling? (There are > 1 million sperm whales in the oceans currently- so many that they are a pest to shipping.)
  • Your attempts to halt whaling frequently endanger the lives of the crews of the whaling ships and suggests you value the lives of whales above those of humans, how do you justify this?

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