Friday, April 13, 2007

What the SDM is up too

I'm still writing my transfer report. Its just that my 2nd supervisor actually wanted me to integrate my 15000 word literature review into my TR to avoid having to repeat the introductory sections that were essential to making the 2nd document stand-alone.

Apart form the fact that that would take me, like, A WEEK MORE!


I cannot complain because my 2S (2nd supervisor) is doing it for (amazingly!) completely altrusitic reasons- she wants me to learn how to construct a research argument before I come to my thesis. I am totally in agreement with her but IT SUCKS that I have to format the two documents from scratch I spent all last week doing it and I am sick of both the fuckers. (although it does now look quite pro-style.


Tha drunken 1

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