Wednesday, April 11, 2007

CCTV and the disembodied voices

Scary shit. And some really profound sociological insight:

"What these two government measures have in common is that they both target the poor and undermine any notion of collective security. Are insider-dealers or tax fraudsters subject to lie detector tests? Or, come to think of it, politicians who say that Iraq has WMD? Of course not. Will the cameras and the loud speakers be focused on cocaine snorting city traders? No."

"The establishment believe society's problems are always caused by the poor and the weak. They are the ones who must be hounded and punished. It will be the people of Mosside not Mayfair that will be threatened. This is the way to divide and conquer while the real cheats and proponents of anti-social behaviour, some of the very richest in our society, get away scot-free."

"So what joins all of these stories up? A society that puts money, private wealth and the economy first. A free market demands a strong state. That's why the government cracks down on the poor."

Yeah, bollocks to Blair and bollocks to The Daily Mail and The Sun.

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