Tuesday, April 03, 2007


I understand the appeal of my country as a destination for migrants. I support the concept of asylum and the sheltering of those who face violence and persecution in their own countries as part of a broader EU program of humanitarianism. What pisses me off no end are the people who run from the challenges of living in a developing country. Such countries need the support and education of many of these people but instead of staying behind and attempting to engage with their community and push for reform and progression they run away. We have crap education here as it is without those who spend years in education still not being able to find jobs because of the number of "skilled migrants" competing with them for jobs.

Forgive me for misrepresenting the millions of people who find living in squalor and filth acceptable. I find it quite offensive to categorise migrants as being "of net benefit to the economy". This may be the case but if it results from fifteen Indian or Chinese migrants sharing a single room and toilet, working for a fraction of the minmum wage, then I am not convinced of the ethics of such a policy. I am not sure whether this represents more than a fraction of those currently squatting in various camps, centres, hostels and bedsits across Europe, however unresponsible I am for their wellbeing. It can be argued that they are actually going to be better off if they stay in their own country and we provide them with well-managed and distributed development aid than if they try and enter the EU illegally and end up in some cash-in-hand job, being paid a pittance and living in a skip.

Stay at home! Build yourself a better life there, rather than trying it here. We have too many fucking people in the UK already. That doesn't mean I support Lord Blair of Kut al-Amara's fascist anti-immigration methods: Far from it! But we need to engage with the EU to prevent the economic migrants getting into the continent, let alone my own country. Let the falling birth rates of the native population work their blessed magic so that I can finally afford a house.

I found this website and was impressed.

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