Saturday, April 14, 2007

Tax the Fat

This documentary amuses me greatly. I am wholeheartedly supportive of such a concept. I also think obese people shouldn't be allowed to vote. If you haven't a good enough grasp of the consequences of abusing your body then you're definitely not informed enough to wield your vote rationally.

I hate fatties and I espeically hate people who decry such "fattism" because its not the fault of the poor little wobblers. Bollocks, it isn't! I'll admit some people are actually ill and others might have some sort of genetic predisposition to sequester subcutaneous flab but there is a solution to this: Don't eat so much, you bloated tub of lard!


  1. Your plan would motivate the obese to lose weight, but unfortunately the obese are to coddled in this country with disabled placards and scooters for you plan to work and it slso unconstitional.

  2. Hello, thanks for your comment.

    The constitution is a legal document that is open to interpretation, as evidenced by the ongoing struggle by the god squad to rehash Roe vs Wade. So I don't consider it to be an obstacle. If you view the obesity epidemic from the persepective of the wellbeing of society then you can justify such actions. My limited understanding of the constitution doesn't stretch to a comprehension of any responsibilities it proscribes for citizens in addition to rights. One would assume that one entails the other.


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