Thursday, April 19, 2007

Senate majority leader states that US can't win war in Iraq

Does anyone else find it offensive? I'm talking about the way that US republicans talk about their troops as if they need all the support they can get when they're murdering Iraqi civilians. Why should the troops need support from everyone? They get paid a wage to do a job, don't they? They live in a democracy where it is not illegal to holod an opinion that differs from that of the incumbent junta? Why do the troops need a cuddle and a kiss at night before they can feel capapble of doing their jobs, as the republicans seem to be implying? For Harry Reid to point out the obvious and then to be accused of "not-supporting" the troops is taking hypocrisy to another level! If Bush hadn't sent the troops in there'd be 3000 more of them still walking the earth (not to mention half a million Iraqis) and thousands more would still have arms, legs, hearing, a lack of nightmares, no pieces of Iraqi civilian's brains in the fridge, etc. etc.

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