Monday, April 16, 2007

How not to go about canvassing votes

Yesterday I encountered a bespectacled figure through the frosted glass of my front door trying to shove something through my letter box. I opened the door, as I do to take it from him and was immediately struck by the fact that this was no circular or advert for a takeaway but a bright red leaflet callingupon me to vote for the local labour candidate, Tudor Evans, in the May elections. I politely declined to take the leaflet that he promptly shoved towards me without explanation and stated that I was a member of the Green Party. His resposne, far from acquiescence to my professed personal choice, was to turn his back on me and call over his shoulder, "So you're one of the ones who don't want nuclear power, good luck with all that CO2 then."

How rude!

The canvasser had moved straight onto my neighbours property without stopping to talk, even though I asked his receding back if he would like to discuss the issue. (Ironically enough, I am supportive of the development of new nuclear power stations as there is no other way to meet our obligations to reduce CO2 emissions. Its the lesser of two evils.). This offensive little toad then continued to mutter an offensive commentary under his breath whilst he moved to my neighbour's door which, unfortunately for him, brought him right back to my face as the two doors are right next to each other, thereby providing me with an opportunity to return the offense.

"Yeah, well done on the 650,000 dead Iraqis!"

I think I came out on top in that one.

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