Friday, April 13, 2007

The United Kingdom - according to the C.I.A.

My favourite bit:

"Area - comparative: slightly smaller than Oregon" (but with twenty times the population)

"Land boundries: border countries: Ireland 360 km" (because France, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Norway - they don't have "borders" (because the US doesn't recognise the United Nations International Convention on The Law of The Sea - I covered it in my Ocean Science minor but can't be arsed to dig my lecture notes out to inform you lazy buggers further, look it up yourself if you are that interested)

"Land use : arable land: 23.23%
permanent crops: 0.2%
other: 76.57% (2005)"

(they forgot to mention weed production: 2%
landfill: 3%
renewable generation: 0.000000000000000000000000001%
U.S. military bases: 5%
Northern Ireland: 8%)

"Natural hazards: winter windstorms; floods" (they forgot chavs, the English 2003 World Cup squad & Tony)

... . . . and on and on 0- its Friday night and I'm druink so I'm going to hang out with me beaches what are staying with me 2nite.

Ciao, roughneck posse.

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