Friday, February 02, 2007

Madeleine Bunting is a delusional bint

AC Grayling just got another body blow in on a god-bothering apologist. This idiot claimed that Christianity had done wonders for science. AC Grayling disagreed profoundly.

I was distracted by his concluding broadside to the bint:

"It happens that we have the technology to make everyone "happy", as if this were by itself the great aim of things: put Prozac in the public water supply. One reason for not doing so is that norms of fulfilment and flourishing in human life rest on such richer possibilities now than when the sun went round the earth and you could be burned to death for not believing that it did."

And I recall the quality of life surveys you read about how people were happier 30 years ago than they were now. I am also brought back to a point I have frequently considered which is: "What is the goal of civilisation?"

Is it the happiness of its citizens?

Maybe it is the pursuit of knowledge.

I will ponder this awhile.


An SSRI like Prozac is not a very good drug for "making everyone happy". I advocate ecstasy.

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