Thursday, February 15, 2007

Compare and contrast . . . .

. . . . these two reports today from The Independent.

1st: Analysis of an OECD report that much of Europe is still lagging behind the US in terms of economic growth.

2nd: A response to yesterday's UNICEF report that the UK has the worst environment amongst 21 developed countries for children to live in. The authors of the article in The Independent categorically state that Britain's drive to emulate US economic success is to blame for the conditions in the UNICEF report.

I have long believed that chasing economic growth as the sole index of national success is an excuse to line the pockets of the wealthy by creating an environment where they can continue to prosper from the manipulation of the less well-off. It is no coincidence that the European states with the highest scores in a study on social justice and wellbeing are those with the least penchant for laissez-faire capitalism. When will an evidence-based approach to geovernment finally allow us to shuck off this absurd and sociopathic pursuit of economic growth? Any ten year old will tell you that infinite growth within a finite space is impossible.

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