Thursday, February 01, 2007

A beastly policy

I just read this article on our aslyum policy. Its written by a labour MP but wait! . . . . He is actually defending asylum seekers!

Alarming stuff I know in this day and age but the story he relates is shocking and appalling. I will be wasting my time tonight writing to Alison Seabeck MP with regard to this .

The name of Austin Mitchell is one I will be keeping an ear and an eye out for. I approve.


I would like to relate, briefly, a story told to me by a police officer I know that seems pertinent.

A local rang police from Plympton and told them that there were a bunch of African-looking types washing in a puddle across the road from his house. Surely enough when the police turned up they apprehended 3 illegal immigrants who were fresh out of the back of a lorry that had come off the ferry. Upon enquiring return to Charles Cross police station the officers contacted The Immigration and Nationality Directorate to ask what to do with them. The answer?

"Take their details, give them the phone number of this case officer and tell them they will have to be in court in London in a couple of weeks to have their case heard. Then let them go."

Do I have to point out the likelihood of these guys actually appearing at the court house to defend their case? Do I have to mention the humanitarian considerations for 3 people in a strange country, without a place to stay, without any local knowledge? It seems that policing the borders of our nation, nay our continent, is the only acceptable way of ensuring national integrity. If we prevent any old rabble from storming across our boundaries then we prevent any further illegitimate immigration. If they can't get into our country then they aren't legitimate asylum seekers! There is a process in place for determining the legitimacy of asylum applications but it is bogged down amidst the thousands of false applications. Offering asylum is a noble aspect of our civilisation that must not be threatened by the inability of the government to police our borders. The deportation of families such as the Bokharis does little to improve our battered reputation as a nation. If we are to regain the moral high ground and fight a war against brutality, corruption and religion then we need to preserve our humanitarianism.

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