Friday, February 16, 2007

central London green space to be 'flogged to highest bidder'

I was reading this story and was gripped by the profound insight of one of the closing pargraphs.

"Governments rotting from within often show it in trivial ways. They grow sloppy in their patronage. They spend money on their friends. They degrade the public realm in ways that are irretrievable by later generations. Cursed with a mayor blind to architectural quality, London has been doubly cursed by philistine ministers. It has had to accept trashy advertising covering black taxis and red buses and the use of roundabouts and Thames-side buildings for advertisements. These were all once banned as unsightly."

This alludes to one of the most sociopathic flaws of the current administration: The sale of communally owned space by bodies that are meant to act in the communities best interests.

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