Thursday, June 07, 2007

BAE: The Scum of The Earth - part 3 - Blair's response

"Its all ok, I stopped the investigation because it would have been a very naughty thing to do to all those just and humane rulers of Saudi Arabia who have helped us so much in funding radical Islamic preachers who are currently preaching hatred and intolerance in the very same country that this ruling was alleged to protect (the great Blairtish Empire). Instead of worrying about good old BAE you should be more worried about the evil Iraqis who want their country back, imagine what would happen if we went home and let them rebuild their civilisation again without our guiding influence! Surely those naughty Iranian people would try and seize control of all of Saddam's WMD that he hid all over Iraq so that they could nuke Hounslow high street and kill all the sweet little children who are roaming the streets instead of being in school because their education has been shorn of significance and relevance to real-world issues like poverty and power politics and climate change and all those things which I have perpetuated throughout my reign."

He's a cunt.

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