Thursday, June 14, 2007

child obesity = child abuse

The BBC reported today that many paediatricians now consider grossly overweight children to represent abuse and neglect of that child's well being by its parents. Too fucking right. Young children are totally dependent upon their parents to make lifestyle choices for them and if you have fat, ugly, stupid, lazy parents you are more than likely to end up with a fat, ugly, stupid, lazy child. This need not happen. Fat people have demonstrated that they are irresponsible enough to neglect their own well being and therefore not suitable to be responsible for anyone else's and should be banned from having children until they can demonstrate sensible life-choices. I may have a pot-belly and eat too meny dark chocolate digestives but my BMI is squarely in the middle of the healthy range and I exercise regularly, ride my bike to work (sometimes) and generally look after the vehicle for my soul that is my body. If you can't be trusted to do this then you are rejecting the human values that society is built upon, not to mention using my taxes to support your fat, flabby existence every time your knees collapse on you or you need treatment for gout, sleep apnoiea or any of a dozen other obesity-related illnesses that are easily avoidable if you just laid off the pies, fatty!

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