Friday, June 22, 2007

fundamentalists are stupid

The parents of some 16 year old bint are taking her single-sex comprehensive school in West Sussex to the High Court for banning her "Purity Ring". The ring is a symbol of one of the derivative of the "fear-based" US fundamentalist movements, such as True Love Waits, where kids profess to abstain from sex before marriage. Irrelevant of the absurdity of trying to convince kids to forego sexual experiences (I had intimate fumblings with various bible-bashing girls when I was young and although they wouldn't go the whole way they were far from abstinent) the school has a very reasonable argument in that the ring is not "an integral part of the Christian Faith and contravenes its uniform policy".

Q: Why do fundamentalists think that they are not bound by rules that others wilfully accept?
A: Because they imagine that they are accountable to a "Higher Power"- the sky pixie.

For example, the father: The twat who is ultimately responsible for abusing this child's innocence to the point where she is convinced that there exists some Orwellian sky pixie judging her every action, enough to contort the most robust juvenile imagination into fits of neurosis and irrationality. He defends his actions in taking the case to the High Court with this statement:

"I think an important principle is at stake here, I think Christians should be respected for their views and beliefs."

Need I say more?

I think not.

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