Wednesday, June 06, 2007

A day of celebration for British nationalism is absurd because . . .

-most British people I know are in no way jingoistic or proud of our nation's heritage. Quite the contrary- most of them are disgusted by one or more aspect of our nation's collective culture and history (particular the more recent events). Consequently an appropriate act on the proposed day of celebration might be to offer 2 for 1 deals on WMD to your authoritarian regime of choice, perhaps a perhaps we could offer to facilitate extraordinary renditions with in-flight cake and party poppers? How about sabotaging the human rights act whilst wearing union jack underpants? Maybe we could pick on select foreign nationals and make crude and stereotypical jokes about them in public, German people could have towels waved at them or people could loudly whisper to each other "don't mention the war!" intheir presence. Filthy cheese-eating surrender monkeys could be pelted with garlic and onions and those jungle bunnies could be rounded up and forced to do our manual labour for the day.

Besides being a masochistic religious fundamentalist, Ruth Kelly is a fucking idiot.

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