Tuesday, June 26, 2007

gabbling has become the new polit-speak of the UK

I've just been watching newsnight. Quentin Davies, MP for Grantham and Stamford has defected to Labour. Alan Duncan is debating this decision with him under the watchful eye of Jeremy Paxman and it is a bizarre spectacle! The two politicians are bickering like the irate siblings that they are: Be under no illusion, Quentin Davies is as left-wing as the Arch-Cockweasel, Richard Littlejohn. His only motivation for crossing the floor is the relegation of the Conservative party to a minority within the UK political system. This is simply a rat leaving a sinking ship. Despite the apocalyptic legacy of 10 years of Labour government, the Conservatives have yet to make any sort of political ground out of their ineptitude. Iraq, PFI, the NHS, BAE, Lebanon, Faith Schools, EU Constitution, devolution, Lords' Reform, etc, etc, etc.

  • Question: How can a party in opposition fail to make headway against this role of failure, misconduct and ineptitude.
  • Answer: They are cuntservatives
But here's the real rub: Why does the UK electorate persist in voting for the Labour and Conservative Parties?
Answer: Because they're disenfranchised, ignorant or simply insane.

UK politics has reached an impasse. Not enough people care enough to vote and those who do are often misguided or ignorant. We need a different system. We need the Single Transferable Vote in conjunction with Compulsory Voting.

On a different- and equally pathetic note- Jamie Campbell's following piece on Newsnight about Brown's tactical obstruction of journalists in their attempt to question him or obtain footage of him in public settings on his way to apointments, hustings, etc. is an appalling example of the suppression and denial of press freedom. The poor guy was deliberately prevented from getting close to Brown at every opportunity and even regularly searched under the counter-terrorist legislation in order to distract him from his goal of asking the future Prime Minister questions in a public environment. The guy's a cunt (Brown, not Campbell [oh- and his pet twat, Tony McElroy, is straight out of the same mold]).

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