Friday, January 19, 2007

Blair's Painful British Legacy

He's such a twat.


Another feather in Tony's cap tonight as The Independent reports that children are dying in Iraqi hospitals for lack of basic medical consumables such as vitamin supplements, surgical gloves and plastic oxygen masks. This constitutes a (nother) breach of the Geneva Conventions by the UK and comes to pass within a week of the announcement that oil companies are ready to sign 30 year contracts to exploit the Iraqi oil fields that will allow them to intially pocket up to 75% of any revenues until they have recouped their investment and then 20% henceforth - twice the industry average for such production-sharing agreements [PSAs]. Now I have no problem with providing incentives for industry to invest in Iraqi redevelopment but so far the Iraqi government's record in this area is pathetic, although still better than the Coalition Provisional Authority.

And they said it wasn't about oil. George and Tony must be so proud of everything that they've achieved.

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