Thursday, January 04, 2007

I feel like a bit of an idiot

Ok, time for me to apologise to all the zionists out there. I have been having a healthy debate over at Harry's Place about zionism and was arguing against it- believing that zionism was a movement that advocated the establishment of an exceptionalist Jewish state in "Greater Israel" i.e. all of Palestine. I was busy explaining to some very irate people that I had no problem with a secular, democratic Israel inside its 1967 borders when one of the long-suffering members (Venichka) pointed out that this was what zionism actually was anyway.

So to all those at Harry's Place who have been calling me an anti-semite, I am sorry. I apologise unreservedly and withdraw my criticism of zionism. I am not an antisemite- I am an antitheist so whilst I may scorn the religion of Judaism I do so in a general fashion as I do all religions and I have nothing against the cultural group known as Jews.

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