Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Left and "Islamofascism"


John Harris appears to be one of those people, much needed in this day and age, who is prepared to devote time and effort to comprehensively debunking the slanders of the pseudo-left and right wing hacks. I am continually appalled by the language and absurd accusations of supporting genocide or terrorism or wanting to impose Sharia Law that are thrown towards people who attempt rational analysis of politics. It seems as if few people these days make a living from actually addressing other people's points of argument but instead simply embark on ad hominem attacks and character assassination. This frequently erupts into further accusations of lefty, pinko, homo-loving, tree-hugging, Trot-commies or right wing, nazi, fascist, imperialist pig-dogs. I have no truck whatsoever with this left-right divide but insist that there is only one brand of politics which works for everyone (and it must work for everyone otherwise you are all of the names listed above). The solution embraces solutions from both sides of the political spectrum and which bridges divides between centralism and localism, libertarianism and authoritarianism, socialism and conservatism.

I find many commentators are so obsessed with defending their own position and attacking that o0f others that they don't spare any time to build a substantial position of their own to defend.

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