Friday, January 05, 2007

Compulsory Voting

Not sure why this isn't UK policy. Then again I have no idea why Tony Blair is still in power or why the Green Party isn't.

"It is also argued that voting is a "civic duty", much like paying taxes, and that it is important for the continued functioning of the nation. People are required to pay taxes and sit on juries for the good of society; some feel that voting is another duty that all citizens should be required to perform."

Life isn't free. You can't simply live your life as best you can without engaging with those around you. If you are you are dehumanising yourself. Just as everyone has rights so they also have responsibilities. I have no problem with people not wanting to vote but I abhor a system that does not punish people who are too lazy to engage with their country's politics.

“ Everyone is a political person, don’t you understand that? You would have to be autistic or a hermit to be truly apolitical! People who say that are merely saying they support the status quo, which is a profoundly political stance.”

Kim Stanley Robinson


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