Monday, August 14, 2006

Why this heralds the end of aggression for Israel and the US

Excellent piece of analysis about why Israel can't hope to win its monstrous offensive against Lebanon and why it heralds the end for the "strength of arms approach" that is patently so dear to the hearts of many neo con Israelis and yanks.

Oh the fools, when will they realise that only by embracing Islamic culture can we hope to moderate its extremes. I can't see how radical Islam can survive when faced with the wonders of Western social democracy. Even now the 2nd generation of immigrants are growing up in the UK speaking better English than many white kids, better mannered, better educated, rejecting the traditional ways and embracing a more moderate, less authoritarian kind of Islam. Generally living in peace with the rest of us.

I love it. George W Bush obvously fears it.

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