Saturday, August 26, 2006

the harsh realities of political debate on the internet

I spend a fair amount of time on this forum debating environmental issues such as the pros and cons of a new generation of nuclear power stations for the UK and similarly tree-hugging subjects. Since the start of the Lebanese genocide and actually for several months before that too, I have been carrying on a bit of a political and sociological sparring game on the forum too. Recently, however, certain parties have started to cover each others backs when I accuse them of fascism, supporting genocide and generally being a bunch of Nazis. Now, this might sound a little bit provocative and I imagine when you're reading this you're thinking "this tit is a bit of a freakin' lefty, liberal hippy dope-fiend". Well you're wrong. I am simply supporting the values that have got our wonderful civilisation where it is today and trying to explain to these inbred degenerate morons (hi Imp!) that there can be no justification for genocide, torture, an apartheid-state, extraordinary rendition, Guantanamo Bay, invasions of sovereign states, political corruption and manipulation of voters through fear and propaganda, etc.etc.etc.

I was appalled by the sudden realisation that in this day and age, people are actually willing to stand up out of their comfy armchairs in front of Fox News with their Western values, their SUV out on the driveway and their secure, well-paid jobs in a multinational company and open their mouths to defend the establishments and the administrations which advocate such behaviour as a form of government. This is the worst form of brainwashed ignorance and its proponents really ought to walk a few miles in the shoes of an Afghani or a Sudanese refugee before opening their mouths to propose plunging yet more people into the mire of constant terror.

I must confess to being rather amused to have the term "punk" thrown at me as if it were some derogatory term. Have these peasants never heard of The Sex Pistols?

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