Sunday, August 13, 2006

Bush planned to bomb Al Jazeera

Now, to a certain fraction of the population, there might seem to be some justification for this idea. The TV channel that routinely broadcasts Bin Laden's propaganda, that shows video of Western hostages being beheaded- aren' they deserving of some of GW's 'rough justice'?

Well, if you look beyond the superficial, the answer is unequivocably "NO!" Al Jazeera is one of the forces of lightness and good in the world at the moment. In an era where every Arab death in the absurdly titled "War on Terror" draws more recruits to radical Islam, Al Jazeera transmits not only those Arab deaths, but also the analysis and background to every piece of diplomacy, aggression and charity that occurs across the Middle East.

Some links for you interested parties, starting with some "Wiki-love":,2933,98621,00.html

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