Monday, August 14, 2006

US alone next to Israel

Yeah, telling it like it is!

Plenty more here:

On a completely different subject, does anyone here know how to do an LC50?? I'm trying to work out how to get an LC50 for dissolved copper but finding all sorts of rubbish popping up in my way such as how many organisms to use, what and how many concentrations to use. Damn it this is a nightmare? Even when I've got answers to these questions more and more queue up for my attention; how do I define "death" of my little worms? (they die from the head back so even if they're still moving I've got to determine whether the head is still alive). Graaaaaaararararahahahhhhhhgh !!!!!!

I will rock this out proper style and then ;eave a record of my decisions for posterity to laugh at. Bah!

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