Wednesday, August 30, 2006

For all you neo-con Bush supporters out there . . . .

I have just had the privilege of some creep threatening to "bomb my straw hut"! This is the exact sort of comment I expect from ignorant reactionary bigots such as followers of the above camps. Here is the dialogue in full, the choicest comments follow:

"One day the world will get together and deal with you." - sounds like another arab street threat coming from peasants waving their arms in the air and burning American flags. Go burn a McDonalds in your neighborhood owned by your fellow countrymen - better yet, blow some more of yourselves up because they are Shia, or Sunni, then do some honor killings or stone some women for talking to a non-family member male and keep your honor intact. Do yourself a favor, Concerned, go cut the clitoris off your daughters before they shame you. The sooner the UN is deemed an enemy to Western interests, the better and the sooner Westerners regard civilians in muslim lands as nothing but assets of terrorism and direct contributors and enablers of islamofacism, the sooner we can carpet bomb them. After you guard your family honor, Concerned, by doing what I suggested, build a deep, strong bunker because we are coming for you and your kind. It ain't over until the fat lady drops napalm on you and your progeny, leaving lots of crispy critters. Now that is not a veiled threat, Concerned, it is a pending reality for you and your kind, so, as Bush once said, bring it on while you can."

"Scary, you must be a clerk in some government office in some 3rd world nation. No doubt your whole extended family, probably the whole darn clan, is bragging about your status. Got that 4th wife yet?? The first in the clan to have a computer too I bet! The smart money behind Western interests has known for many, many years that the UN is nothing but a pack of dirty 3rd world beggars out to hustle money from the West and rich arabs, Scary. Where ya' been, lad? Please don't bring that UN tripe to places like this - it only makes guys like me want to bomb your straw hut. We all know the only practical solution here is to put a hefty bounty on UN ears, or scalps. Well? Why shouldn't I talk like this to a jackass like scary?? Huh? Sheesh! What gall this character has telling us the West needs to heed the UN."

So here you see the sort of opinion that drives the American Right. We have outright racism, almost psychotic rhetoric along the lines of "the UN is the driving force behind Al Qaeda today" and you have incredibly personal attacks upon my character without a hint of justification. I thought that I had already encountered extremes of opinion from the likes of Imp and Gambit on the environment site forum, but I now realise that they are virtual moderates in the world of internet forums and blogs. Some people might be offended by this sort of post but my opinion is that these are the exact sort of people who need to be faced up to. The Ann Coulters of this world are wilfully ignorant of the values that have brought us to the peak of civilisation that we currently inhabit and they need to made to acknowledge this.

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