Sunday, May 31, 2009

why wasn't I taught at school that the British invented the concentration camp?


Johann has a harrowing article up detailing the British occupation of Kenya and their appalling treatment of its indigenous people. Its funny how I remember several years of my schooling being spent learning about the World Wars but little of it being devoted to the British Empire.

Johann rules.


  1. We were the first the gas the Kurds too, at the behest of that great man Winston Churchill. The British Empire is full of proud firsts.

  2. Exactly! You'd think we'd be more proud of our ground-breaking achievements in genocide, torture, slavery, etc. Where we lead, others follow. The yanks are just amateurs at this game. Our real successors are the Uzbeks. It takes real innovation to boil people alive or have your security services plant a bunch of fake bombs to justify a brutal crackdown on freedom and social liberty. We should be sending the SIS boys out there to learn what they can whilst the Uzbeks still need the fig leaf of our friendship.


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