Wednesday, May 13, 2009

do you want a vagina full of AIDS?


Because apparently, if you use a condom as a precaution against STDs, that's what you'll get:

This video is funny but only because the guy is such a distressingly ignorant fucktard.

This next video is the funny junglist mash-up version. Oh yes!


  1. how... how.. HOW does a SIEVE represent a condom? how can a sieve [with holes!] be equal to a non-porous latex condom? I dont understand his stupid argument! please explain!

  2. I suspect that the reason you can't understand his argument is that you haven't accepted Jesus as your personal saviour. Until you do that, there is no way that you can appreciate that a condom can let particles the size of viruses through. At the moment your human mind is obsessed with corrupt and unholy facts such as the way a condom can hold molecules of air inside it (if you blow one up, for example). Such evil and impure knowledge obstructs Jesus' love for you from opening your eyes to the realisation that the AIDS virus, whilst millions of times larger than molecules of air, CAN pass through a condom.

  3. That vid has certainly protected me from STDs coz I’ve just laughed me fuckin’ cock off.


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