Friday, May 15, 2009

petition the queen not to give Margaret Thatcher a state funeral


Mark Thomas. He rules.

Do it!


  1. How effective is that going to be? Would that scrounging hag really listen to us? How about a petition to stop any of those hags getting a taxpayer paid funeral?

  2. further to my previous attmepts to broaden the musical horizons of the punk scientist, try this - The Day that Thatcher Dies by Hefner. Fucking awesome.

    I'll just get plastered, party and put the past to rest.

  3. fuck me I forgot the link

  4. Doesn't an unmarked pauper's grave qualify as a state funeral? I wouldn't mind her having one of them. Perhaps some local council can fit her in say next week?

  5. I am liking this on 1st impressions. Maybe its the Westons Vintage Special Reserve I'm drinking or maybe those bastard pills full of ketamine I had the other weekend are still repeating on me but I'm definitely feeling the vibe. Can't listen to it proper loud though because punkwiff just got home drunk and is whinging about the noise. Will give it a proper airing tomorrow.

    Word to the anonymous massive.

    Big up to Rossinisbird. I reckon she'd make good fertiliser for my mum's allotment. All that iron's good for plants after all. Just not steel manufacturing plants.

  6. Cockney Rebel20 May, 2009 23:28

    please forgive my ignorance but is it Queenie who makes the decision?

  7. She must give her consent. Its just a formality but if she expressed public reservations it would be pretty tough for the government to be seen to be pressuring the old bat over it. But then the government's image couldn't get much worse right now, yes?


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