Friday, March 07, 2008

MSM Frenzy - "Evill Colombian terrorist group sought uranium for 'DIRTY BOMB'"

But they forgot to mention that you can't make a dirty bomb out of ordinary uranium. Funny how this small detail was ommitted from the frenzied reports portraying two of South America's leading, populist, progressive leaders as supporters of terrorism. Idiots!

Left I rules.


Greg Palast rules too.


  1. You’ve highlighted yet another example of the propaganda being churned out to justify imperialist wars. I can’t believe some of the Prince Harry/our boys spin that the tabloids are regurgitating to distract attention from the new-labour war criminals.

  2. Its laughable to think that we are spending seevral billion pounds to perpetuate hatred of the Western world in the developing one. That's really what it boils down to. After September the 11th there was no need to invade Afghanistan. It was purely political for Bush to go 'yeehaaing across the world. Disaster capitalism and all that. I couldn't care less about the house of Windsor. I'm far more concerned about the troops dying for lack of body armour, heavy weapons and armoured vehicles. How much are those two new aircraft carriers and Trident missiles going to cost again? £3.9bn for the carriers and £20 billion for Trident, I heard. That amount of money could pay for seevral peacekeeping missions to Sudan, Palestine, Somalia, etc.


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