Thursday, March 27, 2008

Martin Chalk is an ignorant fuckwit

I didn't know who he was either. Apparently he's an environmentalist airline pilot who wants the 3rd runway at Heathrow to be built. His arguments are flawed and he is massively ignorant of the facts of emissions reductions. So why did CiF give him a podium for his ignorance?

So I could shoot him down, of course!


  1. Hey, they give that other 'environmentalist' Bjorn Lomborg space too.

    It seems that now CiF is only there to wind up Guardianistas.

  2. He! Yeah. They sometimes give space to some great people- you've probly noticed that I kind of worship Monbiot. But they give the platform to some hellish characters as well- people who shouldn't be allowed to cloak themselves in the legitimacy that CiF gives their message. They let that little shit from Hezbollah on! Christ, we all wanted to do something about the Lebanese genocide but giving that gobshite a platform was NOT it!

    Did they give Martin Durkin a piece too? (Google interlude . . . ) No- they haven't, thank feck! But they regularly give the podium to other representatives of Living Marxism like the arch-cockweasel, Brendan O'Neill, who carry Durkin's lies to the masses.

    Oh well, looks like there's no source that's immune to unpolluted by neoliberal propaganda these days . . . . except for the MediaLens posse.



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