Monday, September 04, 2006

"mystery injuries" to victims of Israel's latest brutality in Gaza

The Independent carried this story today with few details but I fear that this represents a new outpouring of Israel's frustration over their humiliating failure in Lebanon. I dearly hope they have not been deploying phosphorous munitions in Gaza but I wouldn't, for one second, put it past them. The Gazan authority did a good PR job of shaking their spears by proclaiming that the Israelis were using "unprecendented" projectiles with "radiant" substance. I understand this to be an accusation of the deployment of depleted uranium shells from their tanks. But, as the article I linked to states, this accusation has no evidence whatsoever to back it. DU shells are fairly radioactive but they are not nearly dangerous enough to cause the sort of bizarre injuries reported.

I consider it far more likely that they have been using phosphorous muntiions- grenades or otherwise. One can only hope that this turns out to be a false alarm and will only serve to draw attention to the cause of the Gazan people. My heart tells me otherwise.

Should it be determined unequivocally that phosphorous has been used against Palestinians- miltants or otherwise- then I have no hesitation in declaring this to be a war crime of the most heinous kind.

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